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May is Mystery Month!

Updated: May 27, 2023

Given the unpredictable weather in May, what better choice is there for national mystery month. I was excited to be a featured author at Tule Book Club's Mystery Authors' Day on May 17. I had a half-hour to post information about Room for Suspicion, pose discussion questions, and interact with Tule Book Club members. If you haven't joined this wonderful FaceBook group, check it out here:

Here's what I posted to introduce my series:

Hello everyone and thank you so much for joining me today! It’s so exciting to be part of Tule’s Mystery Day Author Drop-In Party and to chat with you.

My first Tule mystery, Room for Suspicion, will be published on June 27. Room for Suspicion is also the first book in my Cluttered Crime mystery series, featuring professional organizer Crystal Ward. If you’d asked Crys what she wanted to do when she grew up, decluttering spaces probably wouldn’t have been at the top of her list. Crys didn’t realize organizing was one of her strongest skills until motherhood challenged her to get her act together or she would never manage all of the paraphernalia that came with babies and toddlers. Then five years ago tragedy struck Crys’s family when her homicide detective husband, Rick, was shot and paralyzed. All the challenges involved in helping Rick through his rehabilitation and remodeling their house to accommodate his wheelchair weren’t easy, and taught Crys how fragile life and her family’s security can be.

With Rick now back at work and her two children in school, Crys has forged ahead with her business, Organizing Chicago. Most of her clients come by word of mouth, including Farrah Compton, a professional woman seeking help to reorganize her home office. All is going well until Crys finds Farrah unresponsive in her living room next to a murdered man. Has Farrah killed her husband, whom Crys has never met? Or is she also a victim of an unknown intruder?

I’m not a professional organizer, although I’ve read many, many books about the subject. Would it be a dream come true for you to have someone help improve a space in your home? What room or space is your biggest organizing challenge? Do you have a messy area, a junk drawer, or a bulging closet?

As you can imagine, I received replies from the super organized (who ARE these people?) to the hopelessly cluttered, with most somewhere between those extremes. As for me, I continue learning. It's a process, and writing about a professional organizer (who has her own spaces of shame) teaches me something new every day.

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