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     Crystal Ward didn't always consider herself to be organized, but coping with two children and all the baby, toddler, and child gear as a new mother taught her a thing or two. A few years later when her homicide detective husband Rick was shot and paralyzed, she really had to organize her life, her home, and her dreams to juggle the changes her family was facing. Why not go all the way and make a career out of her skills?  And if sorting through peoples' belongings and lives uncovers crime, who better to solve them than a detail-oriented, problem-solving, somewhat obsessive woman?

Room for Suspicion

Book 1 in the Cluttered Crime mystery series  

It’s going to take more than carefully labeled boxes to sort through the clues of this homicide… 

     Professional organizer Crystal Ward knows she can make a success of her new business, Organizing Chicago. The extra income would allow her to renovate her own home, full of more cluttered spaces than she’d ever admit to her clients. But her life wasn’t always this disorganized. Five years ago her husband, Rick, a Chicago police detective, was shot while chasing a suspect. Now a paraplegic, he’s wary of her going into strangers’ homes…and for good reason.

     When Crys discovers a dead man in a client’s living room, she refuses to accept that the murder is an open-and-shut case of domestic violence. If she can untangle this mess, she can prove her client’s innocence and ease Rick’s fears.

     But the only witness to the murder is hospitalized in a catatonic state. And the lead detective is Rick’s former partner, the man Crys blames for his paralysis. Crys is on her own to save her client from jail and stop a murderer intent on tidying up loose ends.

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Deadlier Than Fiction

Book 2 in the Cluttered Crime Mystery Series

Available September 7, 2023

Can she get the right read on this situation before someone ruins the ending?

     Professional organizer Crystal Ward is at a crossroads with her business, Organizing Chicago. Her husband, Rick, isn’t on board with online advertising, and their friends and family are running out of referrals. And now her client’s husband is outraged to learn that Crys donated novels he had promised to his brother. Crys’s only hope of salvaging the situation is to recover the titles.

     But she shouldn’t have judged those books by their covers. The secret they contain is valuable, and she’s not the only one trying to find them. What’s more, she’s now hiding a secret of her own. She’d promised Rick, a former homicide detective, that she’d avoid sketchy situations that could land her in danger. Her best move? To team up with a retired detective, who suddenly has his own agenda.

     With danger mounting, she must use all of her sleuthing skills to sort out friend from foe and fact from fiction before a killer can write her own final chapter.

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Killer Close to Home

Book 3 of the Cluttered Crime Mystery Series

Coming January 11, 2024 from Tule Publishing

Cardboard Box

No Room to Hide*

Book 4 of the Cluttered Crime Mystery Series Coming in June 2024 from Tule Publishing

*working title

Stay Tuned for the Cover Reveal!

What readers are saying about Room for Suspicion: 

Work Environment

Janine, Bookbub

“Exciting and unpredictable. This is an intense book that was hard to put down.” 

Brick house

Sue. F., Goodreads

"Carol Light has done a fantastic job with her book. The mystery is well written with several potential killers and scenarios. Very entertaining and easy to read…I look forward to the next book in the series and highly recommend this one.”

US Flag

Debra, Bookbub

“A very good start to a wonderful mystery series,loved the characters and storyline.I can't wait for more books from this new author."

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