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Carol Light
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Proud member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Jericho Writers, Gulf Coast Writers, and Goodreads.

I love a good mystery. What could be more fun than creating amateur sleuths and complicating their ordinary lives with a crime to solve? The more complex the puzzle, the better. And if my sleuth confronts a personal demon or two in the process, that makes all the challenges worthwhile. Usually.


I'm a former high school teacher. Growing up, I lived in seven states, which made me the perpetual new kid in class. As a result, I love traveling and have ventured worldwide. I lived in Australia for eight years, teaching high school English and learning to speak “Strine.” When I returned to the States, I changed careers and became a service center manager with the State of Florida. I put down roots at last in the Sunshine State, where I enjoy beautiful, warm weather all year long. If I'm not at the beach, reading, doing yoga, or writing, you might find me quilting—fitting pieces together until the pattern emerges. Sounds a lot like solving mysteries, doesn't it?

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